15 outubro 2008

The Cliff - HDR

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Eyerex disse...

Just wondered something about your HDR photos do you take more than one pic at different exposure or do you edit a single photo with say lightbox or photoshop

Bentes disse...

This is Miguels photo, but in mine I use both techniques, like "you rock" and "uno mojito por favor" I took 3 photos with different exposures (one normal, one under-exposed and one over exposed) and the blended them using a photo software called "Dynamic Photo HDR". With "La Dolce Vita" I edited it with the same software but use only a single JPG. :)

Another good HDR software is Photomatix Pro

Miguel Montes disse...

Hi, eyerex. This (and all my HDR photos until now) is a pseudo-HDR photo, with only one exposure. It was made with Dynamic Photo HDR.