28 junho 2009

yellow ledbetter

Hoje lembrei-me desta música e tive curiosidade para saber a letra.
Acontece que o que o tipo canta e o que está escrito na letra "oficial" não é exactamente o mesmo... mas o que interessa é que soa bem. :)

Segundo o que se encontra por essas nets:

"2.15 Yeah, yeah.. but, what does Yellow Ledbetter REALLY mean? Also,
where can I find this recording?

Yellow Ledbetter, that now famous B-side, is written by Mike (can you
hear the Jimi Hendrix tribute?), Jeff, and Eddie. It can be found on
the JEREMY maxi-single and the live version can be found on the
DAUGHTER single. This is another song that people ask what its meaning
is and what the heck the lyrics are. NO ONE but the band really knows
what the meaning of this song is or what the title refers to. Heck, we
don't even know what Eddie is mumbling on it! Like a lot of Pearl Jam
songs, it's pretty much open to your own interpretation. The songbook
has what we think is a good guess to the lyrics but again who knows?
The Japanese cd single with YL also has some lyrics on it but they
don't seem to jibe with what he's saying. All we know is there's a
porch where people don't wave, someone doesn't want to stay and
there's a box or a bag somewhere....Eddie also tend to improvise this
song's lyrics when Pearl Jam plays it live. So again, the best thing
to do is sit back, absorb and enjoy the beautiful, haunting
music...Don't drive yourself crazy by analyzing it for its true

15 junho 2009


07 junho 2009

The Moon

05 junho 2009

Playing with the big boys

Playing with the big boys, upload feito originalmente por Ricardo Bentes.


crossover, upload feito originalmente por Ricardo Bentes.

this is going to hurt...

this is going to hurt..., upload feito originalmente por Ricardo Bentes.

three kings

three kings, upload feito originalmente por Ricardo Bentes.

I see myself in you

I see myself in you, upload feito originalmente por Ricardo Bentes.