30 junho 2012

Moinho das Estrelas

Moinho das Estrelas, upload feito originalmente por Ricardo Bentes.

I've passed by this restored windmill lots of times since it's located on the side of one of my favorite mtb trails, but only last night I got the idea of shooting it at night.

Funny thing is, on the wall of this windmill, by the door is written "Moinho das Estrelas" which means "Windmill of the stars". Appropriate, eh? :)

The scene is lighted by a very strong moonlight, hence the daylight-like details and colors. I really like the colors and the overall look of it, but it's almost 3am it's been a really long day and Jackass is on tv, so my judgement is not the best right now... :)

Hope you like it! :o)

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